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Midlife is a transition season in our lives.   Our nests can be empty or full. We could be caring for children or aging parents, maybe both at the same time.  We’re waiting out our last years at our jobs or starting down a completely new career path.  Some of us are starting to slog through the complexity of social security, Medicare, and planning how to occupy our time during our wisdom years.

This is a time where you need resources to support your new endeavors and help you along the path to the next steps in your path.  The Zen Introvert is the place to come for resources on caregiving, retirement, abundance, meditation, and other resources to equip you for what’s next.

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I’m Patricia, your guide.

The greatest lessons I’ve learned in my life are about finding the sweet spots, the calm places and the things that make me feel peaceful and comforted.   I’ve also found (and still am finding) life hacks that make things easier because yes, I’m the world’s laziest woman.  Now that I’m into my midlife years I’m all about finding balance and preparing for adventure for the rest of my life.

A wise person once said that we should teach what we most need to learn.  I’m hoping that I have things of value to share with you and that there are many more things I can learn from you.

We are going to sort all of the complexities of being in our midlife years together and maybe start a movement that prizes being and learning above the frenetic movement we see all around us all the time.

I encourage comments.  I want to hear from you but I believe ideas are shared best in a safe and comfortable environment.  Let’s build a community of caring support and helping hands.

Please post in the spirit of being kind and gentle and open and honest.   Any intolerance, bad language or spam will be removed by me and my cosmic 2×4.

Namaste My Friends and Welcome!




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